Products/Services _ Stock Trading
Market management
  • Trading Halts of Individual Issues
    • Suspending Trading of An Issue
      • The LSX shall suspend the trading of an issue which falls under any of the following items:
      • The prices or trading volumes of an issue fluctuates drastically or is expected to fluctuate drastically due to rumors;
      • The issue whose timely trade execution is deemed impossible due to excessive influx of orders;
      • In case the related department requests the trading suspension in accordance with the Listing Regulation or Disclosure Regulation; and
      • Additionally, the issues whose trading suspension is deemed necessary for the market management.
    • Trade Resumption
      • The LSX shall resume the trading when the reasons of suspending trading are solved.
  • Measures in Case of Computer System Failure
    • The suspension of order receiving, suspension of trading, or execution of trade using a different method.
  • Correction of Member’s Transaction Errors
    • LSX provides the correction of transaction errors to enhance Member’s convenience in conducting brokerage businesses.
      • Wrong inputs on securities issues, quantity, price, or bid/ask classification
      • Wrongly classifying customer account from proprietary account
      • The concerned member shall submit the trade correction request form to the LSX together with the statement of causes or documentary evidence by the end of trading hours of the next trading day.
      • Members take over the concerned securities as a proprietary account transaction