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Ministry of Finance of Lao PDR (MOF) has realized its key stepping milestone success in additional government’s budget
balancing bond issuance in domestic bond market through Lao Securities Exchange (LSX)

During the subscription period of 27 May – 02 June 2020, the 1.7 billion LAK Government Bond (GB) for 1.7 million
units could be additionally accumulated its allocation underwritten by primary dealers for 266,688 units, accounting
for 266,688,000,000 in 3-, 5-, 7-, 10- and 20-year terms with 6.8%, 6.95%, 7.2%, 7.5% and 8%, respectively.
The success in this issuance took the series No. 12 to 16 of the year 2020 of the GB issued by MOF for nationwide
and worldwide individual and institutional investors, taking the total allocation of 1,455,639 units for
1,455,639,000,000 LAK covering 85.63% of this 1.700 Billion GB lot. These five bond-series are expected to be
officially listed on the LSX on 30 June 2020 in order to facilitate the bond transaction and exchange in the secondary
market i.e. in LSX.

The success of this long-term fund mobilizing has firmly cemented the MOF financing from the debt securities issuance
on LSX scheme. As part of domestic market financing by the MOF, the raised amount of fund would be participated in
the supplementary injection of state budget for balancing the deficiency of the revenue collection against the
government expenditures by applying the long-run reliable and effective source of fund. Not only avoiding the foreign
debt burden of the nation, the issued bond would be building bricks for its domestic financial stability and the firm
strength of the Lao financial market for micro and macro economy on the whole.

Interested persons or investors could inquire further information to the following securities companies as bond primary
dealers, namely:
Lanexang Sec., Tel: 021 265461-3
BCEL-KT Sec., Tel: 021 265484-5
Lao-China Sec., Tel: 021 419222
APM-Lao Sec., Tel: 021 253420