Companies/Securities Info. _ Notice
- According to Notice from Lao Securities Commission Office, Ref. No. 0029/LSCO, Date: 26 Mar 2020;
- According to Notice from Ministry of Finance, Ref. No. 0636/ຫກງ, Date: 26 Mar 2020;
- According to The Prime Minister’s Order on reinforcement measures on containment, prevention and full response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Ref. No. 06/PM, Date: 29 Mar 2020;
- According to the notice of LSCO, no. 0031/LSCO, Date: 1st April 2020.

Lao Securities Exchange (LSX) would like to notify all stakeholders on the measures of LSX to the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on Lao Capital Market, especially the 2019 annual independent auditing and Annual General Meeting (AGM) holding of all listed companies. Hence, LSX has considered to provide the postponement of the 2019 audited annual financial statement disclosure of the listed companies within 150 days as of its fiscal year in order to implement the measures on containment and prevention of the COVID-19 pandemic and support the convenience to the listed companies on this unexpected situation. However, LSX is encouraging the readily disclosed companies to implement following the related regulations and this postponement is not about the listed companies’ business performance at all.
Thus, LSX would like to notify for your acknowledgement.
Sincerely yours,

Rep. CEO of LSX
Eui Cheon Hwang