Gambling and stock investment who said it all the same?
People may have heart that “the poor people mostly preferred to buy the lotteries, but the rich people preferred to buy stocks”. This means that the trading stock is a part of gambles, which stock players shall have high fund. However, those who have insufficient money shall buy the lotteries, playing card, casino game, football betting and others. This is because those behaviors are actual thing that they can reach to it easier than stock investment.
The similar part of both stock and gambling is that ordinary people have perception that both investments can make a money in a short period. Nevertheless, there are huge differentiation especially the stock investments by dividing two types. 1) The value investors shall buy a stock and hold for a long time which expected the higher return than bank deposit and, 2) The short term investor shall speculate the price of stock for their profit which they preferred to invest in appropriated stocks and sell its when can make a profit. While investors could make capital gain then they preferred to buy another stock of companies for another profit.
Beside, Stocks and gambling have shared some similarities and contrast as following:

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(By: LSX)